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Case Summaries

Plaintiff’s Life Passion As An Artist, Not Her Lost Earnings, Sells Case To Jury

The plaintiff, a retired administrative assistant, was behind the wheel of her SUV. She was stopped at a traffic light when she was rear-ended by the driver of a box truck. The plaintiff refused medical treatment at the scene of the collision. Explore More…

Explosion, Wrongful Death, Severe Burns, Product Liability, Negligence Multi-million Dollar Result

A father and son were at a construction project on Plum Island (“the property”), to apply Rub-R-Wall (“RW”), a waterproofing material, to a cistern. A cistern is a tank that holds potable water. The cistern was located beneath the utility room at the property. Explore More…

Bank’s Online Computer Problem Puts Customers Offline

Our client opened a checking account with a recognized national bank in its Woburn, Massachusetts branch in 1995. The checking account was eventually converted to a joint checking account when she got married. Explore More…

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